Data Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement governs the use of the site (hereinafter: “the Website”), including the rules for storing and accessing data on the Website users’ terminal devices.

The administrator of the Website and the controller of personal data processed through the Website is ┼üukasiewicz Research Network – Pozna┼ä Institute of Technology (“the Controller”) located at the address: ul. E. Estkowskiego 6, 61-755 Pozna┼ä Detailed information on the processing of personal data can be found on the page:┬á┬á

The Website collects data about users. Part of the data is collected automatically and anonymously, and part of the data is personal data provided voluntarily by users through forms placed on the Website:

Anonymous data collected automatically:

  • browser type,
  • screen resolution,
  • opened sub-pages of the website,
  • time spent on the relevant sub-page of the website,
  • type of operating system,
  • address of the previous sub-page,
  • address of the referring page,
  • Internet service provider.

Rules for the implementation of the data privacy statement

  1. The site uses Cookies. These are small text files sent by a web server and stored by the browser software in your computer. When the browser reconnects to the site, the website recognizes the type of device from which the user connects. The parameters allow only the website that created them to read the information they contain. Cookies thus facilitate the use of previously visited websites.
  2. The information collected relates to IP address, type of browser used, type of operating system, Internet service provider, time and date information.
  3. Dear User, we monitor your activity as we do all with the activity of all visitors to our website, which includes, for example, keyword searches, posting offers, and managing your activity on our site. However, we do not take any automated activity that would have legal effect on you or could similarly materially affect you. For that we would need your consent.


  1. The Controller ÔÇô shall mean ┼üukasiewicz Research Network – Pozna┼ä Institute of Technology, located at the following address: ul. E. Estkowskiego 6, 61-755 Pozna┼ä,, registered at the District Court Pozna┼ä – Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Pozna┼ä, 8th Commercial Division under the National Court Register (KRS) number 0000052866, Tax ID no.: 777-00-20-410, Statistical no.: 000018603, which provides electronic services, stores and accesses information in the User’s devices.
  2. Cookies – shall mean computer data, in particular small text files, recorded and stored on devices through which the User makes use of the Website pages.
  3. Own cookies – shall mean cookies placed by the Controller, related to the provision of services by electronic means by the Controller through the Website.
  4. External cookies – shall mean cookies placed by the Controller’s partners, through the Website page.
  5. Website- shall mean the site under which the Controller operates the website in the domain
  6. Device – shall mean an electronic device through which a User accesses the Website.
  7. User – shall mean an entity to whom, in accordance with the Regulations and legal provisions, electronic services may be provided or with whom an agreement for the provision of services by electronic means may be concluded.

Types of used cookies

  1. Types of used cookies are as follows:
    • ÔÇťnecessaryÔÇŁ cookies, enabling the use of services available within the Website, e.g. authenticating cookies used for services requiring authentication;
    • ÔÇťperformanceÔÇŁ cookies, which enable collecting information on the use of the web pages of the Website.
  2. The user has the possibility to disable or restore the option of collecting cookies at any time by changing the settings in the web browser. Instructions for managing cookies are available at You can also find them at the bottom of this page.
  3. The User may at any time delete any cookies stored to date using the tools of the User’s Device with which the User uses the Website.

Purposes for which cookies are used

  1. The Controller uses its own cookies for the following purposes:
    • authenticating the User on the Website and ensuring appropriate management of┬á his/her session on the Website, i.e.:
      • correct configuration of selected functions of the Website, enabling in particular the verification of authenticity of a browser session
      • optimization and increase of efficiency of services provided by the Controller;
    • execution of processes necessary to ensure full functionality of the web pages, i.e.:
      • adapting the content of web pages of the Website to User preferences and the optimisation of using these web pages; in particular, these files allow you to recognize the website User Device and appropriately display a web page in a manner adapted to his or her individual needs;
      • correct operation of the affiliate program, enabling, in particular, verification of the sources of redirection of Users to the pages of the Website;
      • ensuring the safety and reliability of the Website.
  2. The proprietary cookies used by the Controller are safe for the Users’ Devices and do not contain scripts or content that may threaten the safety of personal data or of the Device used by the User.
  3. The service Controller uses the external cookies for the following purposes:
    • Collection of general and anonymous data via Google reCAPTCHA validation tools [cookie controller: Google Inc. based in the USA];
  4. The services provided by the above-mentioned websites are beyond the Controller’s control and the terms and conditions of their provision and the data privacy statement of the respective service provider apply to them. The Controller, in selecting the Website’s partners, focuses on the safety of the Website Users; however, the external Website partners are responsible for the safety of the cookies, their contents and their use compliant with the license.

Conditions for storing cookies

  1. The User may independently and at any time change the settings regarding cookies, specifying the conditions for their storage and access the User’s Device using the cookies. The User may change the settings referred to in the preceding sentence through the settings of his/her web browser or through the configuration of the service. These settings may be changed in particular in such a way as to block the automatic cookies handling in the settings of the Internet browser or to inform about each time they are stored in the User’s Device. The User may delete cookies at any time using the available functions in the web browser he/she uses. Restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities available on the website.
  2. The mechanisms for storage, reading and exchanging data between the proprietary cookies stored on the User’s Device and the Website do not allow for the collection of other data from the User’s Device or data of other websites visited by the User, including personal data or confidential information. It is also practically impossible to transfer malware to the User’s Device.
  3. The Controller, through technical measures, tries to ensure the safety of the data placed in cookies, but has no influence on the User’s actions that may lead to interception or deletion of data, impersonation of the User’s session or installation of malware on the User’s Device.

how to disable cookies

Information on how to disable cookies in the most popular computer browsers is available at: how to disable cookies or at one of the designated suppliers:

  1. Managing cookies in your browser Chrome
  2. Managing cookies in your browser Opera
  3. Managing cookies in your browser FireFox
  4. Managing cookies in your browser Edge
  5. Managing cookies in your browser Safari
  6. Managing cookies in your browser Internet Explorer 11